Coming to a Village (near you)

Hi Folks,

Yesterday, Oct 11th I did a spot on the John Murray Show on RTE to launch a plan of mine called “Coming To A Village Near You”. Unfortunately, I ran into huge traffic delays on my way from Newland’s Cross to Donnybrook and barely made the show. Consequently, I didn’t really have a lot of time to talk about the project. As I’ve had a lot of requests from wonderful array of community reps subsequent to appearing on the show, I feel some clarity on what it’s about might not go astray.

Essentially, the project is Mick Hanly playing gigs in communities and villages throughout Ireland that normally don’t have gigs. The added extra is that we eliminate the financial dimension, in so far as is possible.

What’s in it for the Community?

No hefty concert fee to pay

Community provide sound for the gig, B&B, €50 petrol costs

Audience donates what they feel is appropriate

Gig open to everyone in the community

A great night’s entertainment

Bring exposure to your community and highlight what is has to offer as I plan to document my visits

What’s in it for Mick Hanly?

I can share my creative gift with the whole community

Deliver a great night of story telling and my own music

Realise this idea of playing to audiences in local communities all over Ireland

Enjoy visiting you and learning about your community activities

I can generate an income from my musical endeavours

Produce a travel book with a difference for publication at a later date.

The gigs would not suitable as fundraisers. However, if a community would like me to come and play with a view to raising funds for whatever cause, then a different arrangement can be discussed.

If there are queries that are not covered here, please feel free to call me at 087 2317727 or 056 8832690. The important thing it to try to make the gigs happen, so let’s go for it,


PS. I will strive to respond to everyone over the coming week, but if I don’t manage to reach you, don’t worry I will get back. M.

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