Crocanoir:Every County Should Have One


Crocanoir:Every County Should Have One.

I was feeling a bit jittery when I arrived in Crocanoir, Co. Tipp on Thurs for my annual visit. I had a close shave in the car the day before and now the delayed aftershock seemed to be running its course. However, after a couple of songs I found my stride and eventually found myself relaxed enough to try a pair of new songs, which I reckon could become fixtures over the coming months.

3 of us 210x140John Birmingham and his partner Monika run the shop. They have created a wonderful venue in the ‘middle of nowhere’ and continue to attract full houses for musical concerts and assorted other happenings. Of course, the venue is not in the middle of nowhere…’s about 4miles from Mullinahone and easily found.

They’ve converted the old farmstead to an attractive holiday home, and one of the outbuildings to a centre for music nights, plays, and writing workshops. Their energy is infectious, and Tipperary is blessed to have them…in fact the government should provide every county in the country with a pair of John and Monikas. No I’ll rephrase that….every John and Monika in the country, who facilitate and make things happen in the most unlikely places should be given the support they deserve. Over the last six months I’ve been honoured to meet numerous such types, from Kesh to Inchigeela, who make things happen for themselves and their community. They are a national treasure and long may they have the energy and the commitment to continue.

Well done guys…your dedication is much appreciated. 

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