Johnson’s Hall Kinvara, Saturday 11th May


I’m glad to be heading west to Johnson’s Hall in Kinvara at the weekend. I’ve had a couple of weeks free to write some really great songs, but when the great songs are not exactly falling from the sky (they never do), the urge to run in any direction becomes unbearable. I usually volunteer to do DIY for strangers, or babysit their pets?…..however, having a legitimate excuse to flee the desk is a welcome relief, and to be heading West is a bonus.

I’ll be doing the Kinvara gig in the musical nude….no mikes, no lights, no smoke bombs. I’m always a little fearful that songs that have a picking accompaniment will suffer in this type of setting…..but the audience usually responds to the non use of mikes by going quieter than normal. I’m usually not bothered by hecklers, but if I am….I call the Guards.

I read today that Helen Mirren berated some drummers who were kicking up a racket (what did she expect…they’re drummers?) outside a theatre where she was performing as the queen. She tore strips off them in her tiara….I thought, now there’s a handy thing to have with you when the heckler starts? Put on the tiara and give him a royal bollicking.

It’s my first time playing in Kinvara…that’s if my memory serves me well. Sometimes it doesn’t, and I’ll be happy to be corrected if I’m lying.

I look forward to seeing you there,


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