Go Your Own Way

At last, something to shout about !!!! My first single release since Rusty Old Halo released The Silence in 1986.


Dem was the days when there were record shops in which to sell product, and you could buy a machine on which to play them. Go Your Own Way is a recording that should be hanging from every digital music tree in the world by Fri 9th Aug. If its not, please do not ask me why, I will not know the answer…all I know is that I’ve paid my bucks and put my faith in Tunecore and CD baby to do the business.

They should have the song available on iTunes, Rhapsody, etc. You will probably pay 90 cents to download the song (ask your four-year old, he/she will know how. They probably know how to use your credit card too?) to whatever matchbox you use to listen to your fave artist while jogging…I will possibly receive 2 cents of this and will gladly put it towards a deposit on a warm sleeping bag to see me through the winter.

If you enjoy the song…ask your favourite radio DJ to play it for your ailing granny….if it doesn’t kill her, it will give her a lift.  Radio Locator

Go Your Own Way is the first of four new songs to be released as singles in the coming months. It’s back to how Dave Dee, Dozy, Beeky, Mick (no a different Mick) and Titch, did it in the sixties. If any of the four songs becomes a hit, I might get to bring out a real record in 10 months time.


You can buy the single from your preferred online store by clicking on one of the icons below:



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