Munich Folkclub and The Seamus Ennis Centre

In the early eighties…I’m guessing….I did one of several Continental tours with Andy Irvine. We usually travelled in a small Renault with a collection of instruments, mostly Andy’s, and our baggage. There wasn’t room to swing the proverbial cat, but on this particular occasion, we somehow also managed to give my brother Sean a ride all the way to Cologne. His intention was to disembark at whichever town he found to be the most convivial on the itinerary.

Our first stop was the Tineff Bar in Cologne. Here Sean found the atmosphere convivial enough to disembark there and then. He eventually found his way to Munich and has lived there ever since.

We have seen each other in some years so a few months ago he invited me to visit his new family home in Munich. He also suggested I bring the guitar and play the Munich Folk Club while I was in town. So I contacted Frank Mclynn and he agreed to have me play.

So, a week in beautiful Munich and a one-nighter in the Munich Folk Club on the 11th November. Hopefully, the citizens will be well rested post Octoberfest. My last Munich performance was a tired and emotional rendition of There Is An Isle on the street outside the Registry Office on the day of Sean’s wedding to the beautiful Bettina.

I can safely predict a far better performance at the Folk Club. If you are in the environs drop in.

Later in the month, I’ll be playing on of the best venues in the country, The Seamus Ennis Centre in Naul. That gig is on Fri the 22nd, and really looking forward to my return.



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