Mide Houlihan Christmas Song

Mide Houlihan has written the best Christmas song that I’ve heard this year. Its not that I’m listening out for new songs in that genre….I think we have a surfeit of syrup and goo already, but when you hear ‘Eastenders’ being rhymed with ‘preggars’ in a Christmas song setting, well shit!….it’s time to tune in. The song is called “You Know Its Christmas Time” and I heard Alf McCarthy play it a couple of nights ago.


In 1987 Shane McGowan set the Christmas song bar impossibly high with Fairytale of New York and nothing has come remotely close since. His inspirational moment was to vomit the mistletoe and tinsel out the window and opt for telling it like it is for some. The masterpiece is wearing the years well, and I reckon it has a lot more mileage in it.


Mide’s effort is in the same mould. She tells it like it is, but didn’t bother going to the window. Turkey all over the floor, mulled wine coming out your ears, and Home Alone ‘til you’re blue in the face. Great stuff(ing) Mide, I hope it’s a winner.


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