New York, New York.

An invitation to play The Irish Arts Centre in Manhattan came a couple of weeks ago, and I’m dining out on it since. The last time I was in New York was in 1983 (the last century) with Moving a return visit is long overdue. I’m obviously going to try and do some other gigs in Boston, Philadelphia, etc and I’ll be firming those up in the coming weeks. The NY date is November 12th. Watch this space for further information.


Still working on 4song EP project. Close to the finishing line, as we speak, and should have something to download before the end of the month. Two gigs in Kerry at the end of the month.

O’Riada’s Bar, Ballymacelligot, Fri 25th. (In aid of MS Tralee Branch)

The New Kingdom Bar, Listowel Sat 26th.


To matters rustic. It’s not surprising that Ragwort gleans such a bad press. According to Teagasc, Ragwort is toxic to cattle, horses, deer, goats, pigs and chickens. I suspect that humans wouldn’t feel to well after a bowl of Ragwort soup either, so when I discovered a single Ragwort plant thriving in my unkempt backyard, I was tempted to tear it up and fling it over the wall. I didn’t.

That was about 7 days ago. Today there is nothing left to fling. It is now home to about a hundred caterpillars and has been stripped clean of every piece of foliage it possessed. The assassins are all wearing the Kilkenny colours and this dunderhead here was excited at the thought that they were the caterpillars of the Red Admiral, Tortoiseshell, or Painted Lady. No such luck….they’re would be Cinnabar Moths. I know them well and they’re not nearly as exotic as butterflies. On pupation they dump the Kilkenny jersey and don the Down colours of red and black. They flop around the place and really don’t cut the mustard when it comes to garden exotica.

Still, I’m glad I left the Ragwort in place.


One response to “New York, New York.

  • Mick Connell

    ah, bollocks
    first I couldn’t make the Seamus Ennis Centre gig (was at Sweeney’s Men), and now the very weekend when I WON’T be in New York!
    Best of luck with the gig and keep posting hortocultural tips!

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