Lord Franklin video on Utube.

With the discovery of one of the Franklin expedition ship a few weeks ago, I thought it a good time to post my own recent recording of the song Lord Franklin. I was joined by my good friend Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill on the vocal and the musicians on the recording are myself on acoustic guitar, Ray Fean (drums), Eoghain O’Neill (Electric bass and Fretless bass) and Mick McCauley (accordian). I learned the song for the Ómós Concert for Mícheál in Vicar Street in May 2007, and decided to record it with the guys on some sessions we did for a forth coming Ep.

For those of you not familiar with the Franklin Story, I would recommend that you track down a book called Barrow’s Boys by Fergus Fleming…not alone for the Franklin story but for a lot of other harrowing tales, described in the blurb as “A Stirring Story of Daring Fortitude and Outright Lunacy” To cut a long story short…Franklin’s Expedition disappeared in 1846 and the two ships ~The Erebus and The Terror were never found….that is until three weeks ago when one of the ship was discovered eleven metres down on the Arctic seabed by Canadian Archaeologists. ( It was close to the spot that the Inuit had pinpointed. They have also given a possible location for the second ship, so hopes are high). I’ll leave you to chase up any further info on Franklin yourselves.

Meanwhile, enjoy the song.  Hit http://youtu.be/KK3AYAzdZUI and retweet the info to your friends. I will be posting the second song from the Ep at the end of October. 


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