The Nook, Treacy’s Bar Youghal Wed 15th April

One of the most enjoyable gigs I did last year was in The Nook….otherwise known as Treacy’s Bar in Youghal. They are one and the same….that’s Cork people for ya….one name isn’t enough like, shir we’ll call it something else as well. Cork is the best place in the country for gigs and it’s been good to me over the years. Of course there’s the Barry’s Tea, Jimmy Crowley….and they have a few handy hurlers too!!!
Well, I’ll be back in the Nook this Wed 15th April…determined to enjoy myself just as much as I did last year…or maybe even twice as much??
I hope to see you all there and we’ll share a few tall tales and a song or two. 9o.c ish…15e…sure ’tis a steal,

Catch ya there, Mick

2 responses to “The Nook, Treacy’s Bar Youghal Wed 15th April

  • hal ketchum

    Michael, I miss you…think of you every time I play that song…God bless you and Mary and the kids ,
    Love, Hal
    Also , this occurred to me on the airplane from Tulsa to Austin today….profanity Is the last bastion of an inarticulate motherfucker..H

    (512) 618-5668 (my wife’s email)

    • mickhanly

      Ho Hal,
      Thanks so much for getting in touch…..I’ve been meaning to get off my butt and do the same for so long and haven’t. I met Rooney last year in Cork and he gave me your contact….but again things got long fingered….recently someone posted you singing Past the Point on my Facebook timeline, and I said ‘I must send Hal some good wishes and bring him up to date, etc’…but there you go?
      I hope this find you in good fettle and from the very poor cell phone recording at the show, you seem to be singing as well as ever…I’m presuming that it’s recent…whether or which, it was great to see you in action.
      I’ve copied the email address directly from my site….but it’s unusual that it would have a capital E to begin with? so I hope it gets to you. I’ll also copy this into the reply box…so that should cover things?
      Where to start? Well let me say that I’m presently in great form and in a very good place at the moment….I’m working really hard on a bunch of new songs and at long last, I’ve met someone who is going to do something with the resulting album…. Support a band and an Irish tour…so it’s given me a new lease of life. My music has moved back to the folky vein that I began with all those years ago. To be honest I never felt that I was able to do it justice, because my voice was so weak…but that has change over the years and I feel quite comfortable with tackling the big story songs which I really love. We’re cutting the album in July and it probably won’t surface ’til the new year….but I’m really looking forward to it.
      The fly in the ointment…to be brief…I had a bipolar diagnosis years ago which I ignored for as long as I possibly could and when I agreed to be medicated, I cheated and resisted, until it really bit me in the arse about two and half years ago. I upped and abandoned my family…as high as kite and delusional as hell….rode the upper stratum for at least a year and generally left those I love and cherish, bereft. When I came back to earth I was a crash and burn case…but steadily over the last year I’ve made wonderful progress. I’m medicated…not heavily…but for the first time in my life, I’m anxiety free….and it feels like great. Marie and myself are slowly building again….she’s been through the ringer, but I’m confident that I can repair things, now that this cloud has lifted from my shoulders and I’m even.
      Enough of that….it’s onwards and upwards.
      How are things with you? I don’t remember the name Ardrea?…..but Hal my memory is getting shot….so forgive me if I have met her and can’t make the connection. I think that our last meeting might have been in the Europa Hotel in Belfast and you had some young children in tow back then…we’re talking twenty years..possibly more? Is there anything new albumwise?
      Anyway, drop a line and bring me up to date. Your recording of Past the Point still sounds as fresh as the first day I heard it…bless your heavenly voice,

      Take good care of yourself and catch up soon,

      Love and best wishes, Mick.

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