Three Sweet Sounding Gigs

What’s on my mind?.…well there’s lots on my mind. I’m wondering if I’ll end up with heartburn again after watching Ireland v Scotland later on today? Will man wake up in time and get a handle on global warming? Will I go to Budapest for an tooth implant?….is it worth the hassle? Yea…all of that stuff, but what I want to tell you about, is three sweet sounding gigs coming up this month.

Next Thur18th there’ll be a pot-pourri of songs in Raff’s On The Corner in Skerries. Mickey Harte, John Spillane, and moi.  Mickey and I have something in common besides a first name; we both had songs in the National Song Contest, and we’re both still alive??. Maybe John has had one too? Thurs will reveal all.

On Wed 24th I’m in The Cove Bar in Waterford for the Attic Sessions. I’m looking forward to introducing a bunch of new songs here as I’m doing a new album in July.

You learn more about a new song in one live gig than a hundred rehearsals.

On Fri 26th I’m in The Village Theatre in Athenry. This is a first…and I believe that the venue is superb. Looking forward to seeing my Galway friends and the musician Ciaran Cannon….whose idea it was to open the Theatre in the first place, (he also makes the odd foray into politics, but I’m told that the man is music mad?). Sounds to me like the place to be if you’re in that neck of the West.


2 responses to “Three Sweet Sounding Gigs

  • Edie Archibald

    Hi Mick,
    We will be in Ireland in July from the 16th to the 25th and we were wondering if you are playing anywhere in the west of Ireland?

    • mickhanly

      Hi Edie, I’m recording a new album in July, so unfortunately, I’m not doing anything live in July. Many thanks for your enquiry….the album should surface in late Jan ….I know,I move slowly, but it will be worth the wait, Mick

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