Kicking off 2017 with a solo concert in Crocanoir, in Mullinahone, Co .Tipperary. The gig is on the Sat 21st of Jan and I’m looking forward to throwing a few new songs into the mix.
I’m also looking forward to some of Monika’s gin soaked Christmas cake…..being dry now for some years, I enjoy the odd taste of happy madness gone by. I promise that I won’t indulge until after the gig…..I had two liqueur chocolates at Christmas and had a stumble….happily, at the bottom of the stairs. I’m not saying that it was directly due to the enormous alcohol content of the two chocolates……but I couldn’t ignore the coincidence?
Anyway, in perfect health and sober as the 90% of the judges that stay sober………Crocanoir, Mullinahone, Saturday 21st….one fairly obscure road leads to it, but it’s well worth finding…..and the master of ceremonies John Birmingham will have the signs out,

Catch you there,


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