When I was a kid in Limerick….St. Patrick’s Day was usually the day that people said it was ok to go swimming without catching pneumonia. As I traipsed around the town in my short pants and my short-sleeved boy scout shirt, the last thing I thought of doing afterwards, was going to the Corbally banks for swim??? Rather safer to go home and thaw out…..and avoid a collapsed lung. Maybe they were made of sterner stuff back then…..but that hardy gene skipped my generation.

But hey it’s March 1st……hibernation time over…so no better time to post some upcoming solo gigs for end of March and end of April. Instead of heading for the White House for the shamrock handover…I’ve opted to play The Táin Theatre in Dundalk on the 17th….then across the lough to Rostrevor for a night in the Rostrevor Inn on the 20th. This is a club run by Colm Sands, among others, and I believe there’s a great musical grá among the patrons, even for a blow in like me….looking forward to it. Back to home ground on the 23rd as a guest in the UCL concert hall for The Limerick Fling.

Up to Dunfanaghy in Co. Donegal on the 28th of April for the Dunfanaghy Songwriter’s Festival. That promises to be some outing…..if I survive, I’ll be in the DC Club in Dublin on the 30th. In between times, I’ll be doing a few house concerts…..where you always have a captive audience! What a life…..I should become a musician??



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