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You Have My Word



Verse 1.

When I can’t hold a shovel, when I can’t find my key,

Will you dig through the rubble, and find that key for me?

When clouds obscure the heavens and I bemoan what’s lost

Will you sing a verse of Stardust and melt away the frost?

Verse 2.

When I can’t read the crossword, will you call out the clues?

Will you do up these laces, when I can’t reach my shoes?

Hold this shaking hand so I don’t lose one whiskey drop

Will you move my glass to safety when I start to nod off?



I say now that I’ll be yours forever, that’s for real, you have my word

And down the crooked Nore we’ll go together, that’s the deal you have my word

You have my word.


Verse 3.

When you can’t do your lipstick, tie up or comb your hair

I’ll find your favourite blanket and fix you in your chair

And when you start to ramble, I’ll try to understand

When you cry inexplicably, I’ll sit and hold your hand.


Verse 4.

When I can’t hold a shovel and you can’t see the sun

We’ll sit and hold each other and tell ourselves we’ve won.








Go Your Own Way

Verse 1.

The room was overcrowded on the day that I was found

You couldn’t swing a cat in there and I weighed 13 pounds

My granny took me over and sang a song for me

She sang, Sack a da doddle oddle oh, sack a da doddle andy.

Verse 2.

I still can’t tie my shoelace it never made the list

My mother taught me lots of stuff but somehow that was missed

I asked her why it happened? She said, “I can’t recall”

But you know I did the best I could to help you stand up tall.


And go your own way sing your own song

It might not rhyme for some but you have to move the job along

On your own terms, in your own time

You’ll find it works out better down the line.

Verse 3.

I thought I’d found the answers, when I found alcohol

It danced me down the moonlit street and broke my every fall

You might say we were lovers, but she flattered to deceive

I cried, and cried the day she left, though I knew she had to leave.

Verse 4.

Wilbur came from Utah and tried to set me straight

He said, “The end of the world is nigh you know,” I said “t’will have to wait

I too much work in progress and brand new dreams to start”

I said “Wilbur keep on moving, you’re breaking my heart”.


Words and Music: Mick Hanly/ Philip Begley.


Visit  Mick Hanly Collected page for the words of the better known songs.

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I looking for the lyrics of the great song : "Open Those Gates"
Can you add them to this page
Thank you

Mo chairde


                “Open those Gates”

Verse 1.

No, you can’t give back the time you stole away
Not one week can you repay, not even one day.
When you say to us you’re free we’ve changed our minds
You’re not guilty anyway, is that all you can say.
Though you sent us down for 17 months on a framed-up charge
Because you needed someone to send down.
Well the truth comes home to roost and shame you all
In your bench and wig and gown
Here in this town

Verse 2.
Better late than never, still we’re only two,
One man sits alone and waits, open those gates
And set free someone who never was to blame
Who returned to clear his name
He even played your game.
You’re the ones, you’re the guilty ones
It’s you we have to fight
Stop beating up these innocents in the night
When the red tape of the law becomes the chain that binds
It’s time for us to say
Change it today


You’re the ones, you’re the guilty ones
It’s you we have to fight
Stop beating up these innocents in the night
When the red tape of the law becomes the chain that binds
It’s time for us to say
Change it today

 Words and music Hanly, Sinnott, Lunny.


Enjoyed your music for so many years and still enjoying it, trying to find lyric sheet for the “Glasgow Barber” at hte moment. I’m a builder but unrepentant here is why and look at viking longhouse on facebook, Fingal Living History. Keep it going,

&nb sp;                              Mícheál

The Glasgow Barber


When I first sailed over from Belfast to Greenock

My blood felt congealed at leaving the sod

And my heart swelled as big as the cot I sailed o’er on

When the gaffer refused to give Paddy a job.

Verse 2.

When I landed in Glasgow I inquired for Queen Street

Called into a barber’s and he bid me sit down

And he placed me so fair in the arms of a chair

And he covered me over with his grandmother’s gown.

Verse 3.

Ah, said he, ‘are you shaving?’ Said I ‘are you raving?’

‘The hair on my head I want cut in a row

And before you’d be going I’d like you’d be knowing

It’s the style that we have in the County Mayo’.

Verse 4.

Well he placed his steel clinkers above my eye winkers

You’d swear t’was the ramps of Moll Flannigan’s fan

He oiled it and streaked it he combed it and sleaked it

He oiled front and rear with his two little hands.


Verse 5.

‘Ah’ says he ‘Irish Pat you’ll pay fourpence for that

It’s a cut that an Irishman seldom does show

It’s the ladies conceit aye and you will look neat

When you land with your friends in the County Mayo’.

Verse 6.

‘Ah bad luck to your soul do you think I’m a ‘looby’

The hell to your soul sure the hair was my own

It’s before I’d make bargains with the barbers of Scotland

I’d rather make bargains with the landlords at home’.

Verse 7.

Well he called in two bobbies for the take Irish Paddy

With hats on their heads like large rucks of straw

Says they ‘Torra musha’ say’s I ‘Arra gusha’

‘Tis a word that we use in the County Mayo.

Verse 8.

Then I took to me stick and they took to their batons

The police and the barber I soon did take down

And I left them a mark for to buy sticking plaster

And straight took my way to the east of the town.

Verse 9.

When I looked in the glass you’d swear I was an ass

For me lugs stood so high and me head hung so low

Bad luck to their trestles their bells and steam whistles

And hurrah for the girls from the County Mayo.

I found this in a book called Folksongs Sung in Ulster by Robin Morton. In the same book, I also found a good version of the Hills of Granemore,  which Monroe (Mícheál O’Domhnaill &Mick Hanly) released as a single with an early version of Fionnghuala, later recorded  by the Bothy Band.

I’m afraid the ‘Barber’ doesn’t wear the years as well as Granemore, but that’s usually the way with ‘fun’ songs.

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  • Five Note

    Sitting at O’Hare airport – Still Not Cured is running through my mind – endlessly – and it’s less the lyric wonderful as it is than the structure – the way it stays on the V chord – brilliant, Mick, just brilliant, D

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