Mick Hanly Collected

Mick Hanly Collected

1 – All I Remember

2 – Damaged Halo

3 – What’s His Name


4 – The Silence

5 – I Feel I Should Be Calling You

6 – Battle of New Orleans

7 – On Vocals and Guitar

8 – My Love Is In America

9 – One More From The Daddy

10 – These Days

11 – Warts and All

12 – Trying To Get To St. Nazaire

13 – Past The Point Of Rescue

14 – Dust In The Storm

15 – Happy as a baby in your arms


Track 1 – All I Remember

Verse 1.

Lured by the rocking horse, sweets, and bualadh bos, sixty wild boys
to a room

Sing lámh lámh eile, the dish ran away with the spoon

Black shoes and stockings for those who say ‘don’t’

Blue is the colour outside

God made the world the snake tempted Eve and we died

Wild Christian Brothers sharpening their leathers

Learn it by heart that’s the rule

All I remember is dreading September and school.


But they made me for better or worse the fool that I am or the wise
man I’ll be

And they gave me their blessings or curse, it wasn’t their fault
that I’m me

Not the one that you see.

Verse 2.

The priest in confession condemns my obsession with thoughts that I
sometimes invite

I mumble and stutter he bangs home the shutter good night

Stainless as steel you know how I feel, shoot me while I’m still in
the clear

I don’t think I’ll last but my promise no doubt was sincere

Arch Confraternity men to the fight raise up you’re banners on high

Searching for grace in the holy rat race securing my place when I


Verse 3.

Ballrooms of romance in Salthill and Mallow I stood like John Wayne
by the wall

Lined up like cattle we wait to do battle and fall

You can’t wine and dine her in an old Morris Minor but ask her
before it’s too late

I danced on their toes accepted their ‘no’s’ as my fate

Drink was my saviour it made me much braver

But I couldn’t hold it too well

I slept though the dance I blew my last chance when I fell.

Musicians: Mick Hanly Vocals and guitar. Drums: Paul MacAteer. Bass:
Garvan Gallagher. Organ: John Ryan. Bouzouki: Donal Lunny. Acoustic
Guitar: Des Moore

Electric Guitar: Peter Condell. Percussion: Noel Bridgeman. Backing
Vocals: Janet Sheerin, Danny Sheerin. Vermi-oars: Jessica Hanly,
Gayle Kendellen, Jenny Mitchell.

Producer: Donal Lunny

Engineer: Pearse Dunne

This was one of the first songs that I wrote, which alluded to the brutality in the Christian Brothers day schools, which I had the
misfortune to attend as a boy. I was inexperienced as a songwriter at the time of writing, so I ended up trying to write my life story
in three verses! I think that I nailed it finally in Track 2, which I wrote twenty years later, and for this reason, I’ve put them side
by side. Beware of anyone bleating “sure the odd hiding didn’t do us any harm”. They’re very likely rationalising their own penchant for chastisement….also ask yourself “what education system produced the grey yahoos who are presently in charge of the leaking ship”???

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Track 2 – Damaged Halo

Verse 1.

Why would a clever boy

Leave school with a star

And walk out through the gates

Feeling worthless

Put the pennies that he saved

On a cheap sunburst guitar

Work his fingers to the bone

To be noticed.

Verse 2.

Why would a clever boy

Take his schoolbooks and abscond

With his fear around his neck

Like a damaged halo

Be hounded out the gate

‘Cause he couldn’t get beyond

The first line of

‘tháinig long ó Valparaiso’


Look at me, look at me

I can play, I can play

Look at me, look at me

Am I not worth lovin’

Look at me, look at me

I can play, I can play

The forty shades of green

And some Slim Whitman

Verse 3.

Why would a clever boy

When all is said and done

Turn to every bauble stick

Become addicted

Tongue-tied, sad and blue

Forever on the run

Like a poor beast in the rain

Too blind to fix it.

Verse 4.

We were damaged by the score

The clever and the dumb

With our scars we shunted into

Every siding

For the voiceless there are tears

And a million more to come

Will you tell me where in Christ

Was Jesus hiding.


Verse 5.

Here’s a postscript to make you smile

You know my Valparaiso friend

For years I wondered how he wore

That halo

He was apprenticed did his time

Climbed the ladder in the end

Then one day he pulled a ticket

In the Lotto.


Musicians: Mick: Vocals and Guitar. Recorded live in the Cherry
Tree, Walkinstown 13th March 2009. Sound engineer: Mark Dennehy.

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Track 3 – What’s His Name

Verse 1.

There’s someone here who wants to see you

Says he knows you fairly well

I must admit he looks familiar

Those broken teeth ring a bell

Says he has a message for you

For your ears and yours alone

Wants to talk to you in person

Guess I’d better show him in

Ask him where he’s goin’or been

Add some poison to his gin, and make him feel at home.

Verse 2.

Suddenly you’re bright and shining

Like you were for me in France

If I was out of town I’ll bet you

He’d ask you here and now to dance

Well I don’t find him interesting

But I’ll stay here just the same

Later on you’ll be suggesting

That if I want to act the pig

I should find a hole to dig

Crawl in while you smoke your cigarettes with what’s his name.


What his name has all the news takes my chair removes his shoes

Cleans me out of food and wine drinks my final keg

Asks me how the gigs are going then starts talking ‘bout his own

Says “you need a lot a luck”, I say “break a leg”.

Verse 3.

Can’t get you to dance or tiptoe

Not for me or anyone

Guess I’m not the hat that fits you

Heaven knows i should be gone

(Don’t know why we keep pretending

I’m your dude and you’re my moll

With the arrows you’ve been sending

I feel just like a voodoo doll)

I so loved your independence

Now I’m struggling with my own

Thought we’d be like Butch and Sundance

But we’re more like Joan and Jim

Pink for her and blue for him

Chances of survival slim someone take me home.

Musicians: Arty McGlynn: Electric and Acoustic Guitar. Eoghan
O’Neill: Bass. Kenny Craddock: Hammond Organ, Piano. Fran Breen:

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Track 4 – The Silence

Verse 1.

I can walk in and out this door, that’s no problem

I can take your hardest punch and more, I absorb them

I can listen to you when you launch your next tirade

I can give back twice as much leave you in the shade

I can get the sleep I need when the bed’s not even made

There’s only one thing sends me off the rails


That’s the silence, silence…………..

Verse 2.

I’ve got nothing hidden up my sleeve, makes me uneasy

I could never set out to deceive I blush too easy

If you hide your volcano I’ll know your smile’s a sham

I’d much prefer the china break or door go slam

Keep it in the open so I’ll know where I am

All you get from talking to a clam.


Verse 3.

We still share the same bed every night but its not creaking

You’re the outside left I’m outside right when we’re not speaking

We can dream a different dream in the cold light of dawn

Still take in a party, smile like Joan and Sean

You can do your Blue Bayou, I sing The Rocks’A’Bawn

In the taxi home the knives are drawn.


Musicians: Drums: Davy Whyte. Bass: Pat Carey. Fiddle: Paul
Kelly. Electric Guitar: Peter Condell.

From the repertoire of the short-lived Rusty Old Halo. You can date the song by the use of the terms outside right and outside left.
Sweepers, lay-offs, and Managers were still confined to factory floors…not the football field.

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Track 5 – I Feel I Should Be Calling You

Verse 1.

It’s one whole year now since you left

And still the feeling of bereft

Hits me hard out of the blue

And I feel I should be calling you

With all this good news on my plate

Seems it came a year too late

It brought a smile surprised me too

And I feel I should be calling you.

Verse 2.

The baby came and I was there

She has all her limbs but not a hair

Excuse me while I doff my hat

But I think I had a hand in that

On Mondays she’s got her mother’s eyes

On Tuesdays it’s a compromise

On Wednesdays she’s like you know who

And I feel I should be calling you.


I feel I should be calling you, sometimes the telephone is in my

Then I realise anew that there’s no-one there at all, no footstep in
the hall

It’s a silence that’s so hard to understand

Verse 3.

The song went racing up the charts

Now that would have gladdened both your hearts

Up the Long Can, Garvey’s Range

Something concrete for a change

So we threw a party and we hit the juice

You know the form the least excuse

It’s sitting now at number two

And I feel I should be calling you.


I meet your friends on Mulgrave Street

They move along on weary feet

They knew you so they know me too

And I feel I should be calling you.

Musicians: Arty McGlynn: Acoustic and Electric Guitars. Eoghan
O’Neill: Bass Guitar.

Kenny Craddock: Hammond Organ, Piano.

This track is the original recording from the Warts and All album 1991. I was unhappy with the chorus lyric, so I re-wrote and
re-recorded it again for Wish Me Well in 2004. I think that the lyric changes for the 2004 are a success, but my vocal performance
doesn’t come up to the 1991 version, so I’ve run with the better vocal performance. Don’t ask me why I didn’t deliver in 2004….it
certainly wasn’t for the lack of industry and encouragement on Declan’s part.

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Track 6 – Battle of New Orleans

Verse 1.

In 1814 we took a little trip

Along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip.

We took a little bacon and we took a little beans

And we caught the bloomin’ British in the town of New Orleans.


We fired our guns and the British kept a’comin.

There wasn’t nigh as many as there was a while ago.

We fired once more then they started runnin

Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.

Verse 2

We looked down the river and we saw the British come.

And there must have been a hundred of’ em beatin’ on the drum.

They stepped so high and they made the bugles ring.

We stood by our cotton bales and didn’t say a thing.


Verse 3.

Old Hickory said we could take ’em by surprise

If we didn’t use our muskets ’til we looked ’em in the eye

We held our fire ’til we saw their faces well.

Opened up with squirrel guns and really gave ’em hell


Verse 4

Yeah, they ran through the briars and they ran through the

And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go.

They ran so fast that the hounds couldn’t catch ’em

Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.

Verse 5.

We fired our cannon ’til the barrel melted down.

So we grabbed an alligator and we fought another round.

We filled his head with cannon balls, and powdered his behind

And when we lit the fuse the gator lost his mind.


Words and Music: Jimmy Driftwood.

Recorded in The Cherrytree, Walkinstown 13th March 2009 Engineer
Mark Dennehy.

Have really enjoyed doing this song live and for verse 5. alone, Jimmy Driftwood deserves a room of his own in the tower of song.

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Track 7 -On Vocals and Guitar

Verse 1.

On vocals and guitar in the back of Johnny’s car

Driving to a town out in the west

With all the windows down his jester and his clown

Singing all the songs that he liked best

I never thought he’d take me I only dreamed he would

Then on day I asked him and he said “sure I could”

He knew all the answers what sex was all about

He could keep on talking with a fag still in his mouth

The hero and the boy following his star

Hoping to get lucky on vocals and guitar.

Verse 2.

Rose and Sally May trying to get away

Deciding it was time to flee the nest

Join the entourage travelling sans baggage

Putting last night’s promise to the test

Rosie did the talking while Sally looked away

I played Sergeant Pepper from Athlone to Galway Bay

Johnny he was coasting but I was losing ground

When Sally said that gadget has a really awful sound

Where to turn to now with my mouth ajar

Trying to impress on vocals and guitar.

Verse 3.

The tent was far too small but Johnny had a ball

Clowning while we tried to get it pitched

I tried to be the same tried to play that game

But I was only wishing they’d be ditched

My jester’s role was stolen a dancer took my place

She gathered his attention like a spider making lace

And Sally wrapped up well in the sleeping bag I lent

I shivered with a blanket in the north side of the tent

I crept out later on with one more bleeding scar

Sat and watched the sunrise on vocals and guitar.

Musicians: Arty McGlynn: Electric and Acoustic Guitars. Eoghan O’Neill: Bass.

Kenny Craddock: Hammond Organ and Piano. Fran Breen: Drums. Acoustic Guitar: Mick Hanly.

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Track 8 -My Love Is In America

Verse 1.

My love is in America

And I miss him tonight

So much so, I feel like taking the money we’ve saved

And catching a flight, catching a flight

Verse 2.

The children are asleep in bed

And I’m on my own

Even though, I’ve read his letters again and again

I’m all alone, I’m all alone.


And the money I send home is barely enough

There’s an ocean that keeps us apart

I’ve been aching for home but I mustn’t give up


What about this aching heart

Johnny come home, I miss you tonight, I miss you tonight.

Verse 3.

My love is in America

And it’s hard to go out

Just because, certain assumptions are made when your man’s

Not about, when your man’s not about.

Verse 4.

My love is in America

And I’m not so sure

Maybe I’d rather him here in my arms and us

To be poor, and us to be poor.

Musicians: Vocals: Dolores Keane, Mick Hanly. Drums: Paul Moran. Bass: Tony Molloy. Bouzouki: Donal Lunny. Keyboards: James Delaney. Electric Guitar: Anto Drennan. Electric Guitar: Peter Condell. Acoustic Guitar: Mick Hanly.

I was really blessed when Dolores came on board to do this. She nailed in two takes and it wears the years well.

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Track 9 -One More From The Daddy

Verse 1.

My father was simple my mother was kind

They worked night and day and when they’d unwind

My father sang song and my mother would darn

All of us felt safe protected and warm

The touch of a razor produced the first note

And while he got all cleaned up the the songs would float

From bathroom to bedroom from kitchen to hall

His songs were so sweet they pierced every wall.


Let’s have one more from the daddy

Became a family refrain

I’ll tell you how it came about later

Still we have a laugh, when we hear it again

Let’s have one more from the daddy

While still the days of innocence surround

These children in the afterglow of Christmas

As yet not outward bound.

Verse 2.

Christmas 1958 he brought home a treat

A magic machine that he’d hirec out for the week

A Phillips reel-to-reel with a green and a red light

He blew and he tested t’was magic alright

He called for a concert and gave us our head

But if we were slow he’d sing one instead

We were only kids we had no songs at all

But dad he had a hundred and boy he sang ’em all.


Verse 3.

He sang Tobermoray and Creeshlaw the Day

I forgot the words of Living Doll and he couldn’t wait to say

‘Let’s have one more from the daddy while we wait

He sang As I Sit Here and Dear Old Thomondgate

We did our bits and pieces it didn’t take too long

He held the centre stage with song after song

Now as I remember its easier to see

The one that I’m remembering behaved just like me.

Musicians: Philip Donnelly: Acoustic Guitar Mick: Acoustic Guitar.
See track 13.

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Track 10 -These Days

Verse 1.

These days things are moving much better than they used to move

Maybe I’ve finally let myself say that there’s much less to prove

I used to go running round crazy trying to be more than a man

But I’m doing a lot more lately doing the best that I can.

Verse 2.

These days I get less angry when things don’t combine

Laughing at how I behave sometimes is more in my line

Whenever that man in the mirror starts to look troubled or blue

I take him aside for a moment and tell him we’re just passing


These days I’m a lot calmer when the wind runs away with my hat

It might be that I’m a lot saner but I’m not so sure about that

These days I’m a lot weaker when my baby says she’s got a plan

I guess I’m more eager to please her ‘cause I’m just her loving ‘ol

Verse 3.

These days I got a feeling for home like I never had

It must be the warmth of the woman I love that keeps me in bed

It’s only taken a lifetime to get round to changing my ways

But I’m having more fun, getting more done,

Taking it easy these days.

Musicians: Arty McGlynn: Electric and Acoustic Guitars. Eoghan
O’Neill: Bass. Kenny Craddock: Hammond Organ, Piano. Fran Breen:
Drums. Percy Robinson: Steel Guitar.

When I wrote and recorded this song, I was a long way from the sentiments expressed….in fact my head was a good way up my own arse. Things have moved on since then, and I’d like to think that the sentiments expressed are more relevant now? Have started to gig it lately with a little more conviction.

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Track 11 -Warts and All

Verse 1.

I never asked a body this, went for momentary bliss

Deflecting partners with a kiss whenever it was broached

All too soon I’d leave the bed turn my thoughts to food instead

Let’s feed the naked and the dead, fried eggs beans and toast

But Rosie says ‘hang on a while now, baby’

And back into her loving arms I crawl

In her heat she makes me bask ‘till I’m warm enough to ask

Love me, baby will you warts and all.

Verse 2.

My dad was cross and I’m the same, but I wont hand him all the

I know from where his anger came and it all seems to fit

The patience that he never had used to make us all so mad

But here am I like Jack-the-lad chomping at the bit

And Rosie says ‘hang on a while now, baby’

And back into her loving arms I crawl

She keeps handing me the flask ‘till I’m warm enough to ask

Love me baby will you warts and all.


Now sometimes I can see myself screaming at some empty shelf

Where I left my keys the night before

someone moved them overnight the children crawl away in fright

Me, I want a hand to bite and close the goddamn door.

Verse 3.

But Rosie she’s not frightened by threats to kill or threats to

She can look me in the eye and say I must be mad

Tells me where to take my cloud down the pub for crying out loud

Lay it on that arty crowd ‘cause they’re all just as bad

I say ‘well hang on a while now, baby

And back into her loving arms I crawl

She keeps kissing ‘till my mask falls so far I have to ask

Love me baby will you warts and all.


I must dig into my reserves when Rosie she gets on my nerves

Just by being happy all the time

I wish sometimes she’d lose the cool

Fling a tantrum throw a stool

Drown the youngest in the pool now that would be sublime


But Rosie she’s too cute for that to her I have to lift my hat

Not an eyelid does she bat though Jericho might fall

Fills me up with Baked Alaska ‘till I’m BIG enough to ask her

Love me baby will you, warts and all.

Musicians: Arty McGlynn: Electric and Acoustic Guitars. Eoghan O’Neill: Bass.

Kenny Craddock: Hammond Organ, Piano. Fran Breen: Drums.

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Track 12 -Trying To Get To St. Nazaire

Verse 1.

I ask myself why is that carraige leaving at precisely the same time

As my next connection’s due

I’m on the wrong side of the tracks; it’s too much of a coincidence

Because it’s leaving right on cue

I know the consequences if I’ve blown one more arrival

There won’t be a welcoming party there,

I’m in St Nicolas-de-Redon, trying to get to St Nazaire.

Verse 2.

I make some enquiries in the best French that I can muster

Mais elle dit “je ne comprend pas”

I guess she smells the alcohol, thinks I’m English, shuts the hatch

C’est le Dimanche, eh bah.

She disappears but I think I understand enough to catch the phrase

Je reviens a toute a l’heure,

In St. Nicolas-de-Redon, trying to get to St. Nazaire.

Verse 3.

Have you ever spent a Sunday afternoon in France, in a station

That’s barely made it onto the map

I can tell you that you’ll have time enough to write the novel

Write the second, and the third and do the first redraft

The natives disappear into the ether, with their grannies and their

For an afternoons’ fruit-de mer.

In St. Nicolas-de-Redon, trying to get to St. Nazaire.


I’m two hours into a four-hour wait, half my stash is gone, there’s

A crackling on the gravel and a saint appears

She reads the ‘ferme’sign, turns around to look at me, with a smile

That says she’s not as wet as me around the ears

She’s Catherine from Scandinavia, and she’s on her way to see an
Irish guy in

Concert, elle dit “ce’st en plein air”,

I tell her I’m her man, and I’m trying to get to St. Nazaire.

Verse 5.

It’s rarely that I get drunk enough to miss the boat or as in this

Miss the second train, but I’m about to do just that

I’ve sunken into the eyes of Catherine, her broken English and

Beneath her brown felt hat

I ask her to be my manager, my mistress, tell her not to worry

Swear hand on heart that I’ll get her there

In St Nicolas de Redon, trying to get to St. Nazaire.

Verse 6

There’s a moment when you realise, that something that once was

Within your grasp has suddenly passed you by

And in alcohol, it’s compounded by the fact that you’re reduced to

Working with the aid of just one good eye

I take my guitar from my case try to break a leg or two

While the natives look elsewhere

In St. Nicholas-de-Redon, trying to get to St Nazaire.

Verse 7.

She gets me to the gig somehow, what a manager, what a stroke

But I’m not the only one that’s having one

Il’s sont fou les Irlandais, quest que on fait, there’s

So they put me in a caravan

When I wake up I realise that my body has arrived but my mind is

Still way back there

In St.Nicholas-de-Redon, trying to get to St. Nazaire.

Verse 8.

I’ll spare you the rest of the gory details, but t’was Catherine who
took the

Bullets, while I got out alive

We had a relationship of sorts; we shared sardines from a can, some

Broken bread, but it failed to thrive

Today I check the map just to see how many miles it is from a
semblance of hope to blank despair

It’s forty miles, maybe less,

From St Nicholas-de-Redon,

But it might as well be a million when you’re in your cups

And you’re trying to get to St. Nazaire.

Musicians: Declan Sinnott plays everything.

I don’t know if there is a train station in St. Nicholas-de-Redon, but it’s a great sounding name…up there with Hackballscross and
Grangemockler….so don’t let this revelation interfere with your enjoyment.

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Track 13 -Past The Point Of Rescue

Verse 1.

Last night I dreamed you were back again

Larger than life again, holding me tight again

Placing those same kisses on my brow

Sweeter than ever now, lord I remember how

Couldn’t get enough of kissin’

Do you know how much you’re missin’

No you don’t, but I do.

Verse 2.

Days like a slow train trickle by

Even the words that I write, refuse to fly

All that I can hear is your song haunting me

Can’t get the melody, out of my head you see

Distractions I’ve been usin’,

Do you know how much you’re losin’

No you don’t, but I do.


But I do, and I wonder if I’m past the point of rescue

Is no word from you at all the best that you can do

Never meant to push or shove you

Do you know how much I love you

No you don’t, but I do.

Verse 3.

Swore that I’d never fall like this again

Fools like me never win, came to my knees again

Can’t close the door on the likelihood

That things might be just as good

Always believed they would

Got to let your love invite me

Baby do you think they might be

No you don’t, but I do.

Musicians: Philip Donnely: Acoustic Guitar. The Meeting Place Choral
Society: Backing Vocals.

This was recorded live in Tony Moore’s wonderful Meeting Place Bar in Midleton, Co. Cork. Tony ran a great gig at this venue for many years and it was one of those gigs that every musician I know looked forward to playing. I did a live album there with the help of Philip Donnelly and the enthusiastic participation of the Midletonians over two nights. This track and One More From the Daddy are from those sessions.

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Track 14 -Dust In The Storm

Verse 1

Take a look at the stars for a moment

If you have a moment to spare

I know life is short and it’s so hard to squeeze in

A moment somewhere

You might be the one at the window

Or the soul in the desert wide-eyed

Believe me you’re not all alone

Or the first to be beautifully mystified.

Verse 2.

Lend an ear to the sound of the ocean

If you want to hear more than the sea

Stay, there’s nothing to fear

At the door to eternity

Draw back the curtains forever

Take a ride on a hand full of dust

If you still think the good books the answer

Go back to bed with that book if you must


But please let me find my own way,

My own way to sleep

I’m helpless, I’m helpless, so helpless

Sometimes that I weep

Please let me find my own way,

My own way to cry

I know we’re the dust in the storm

But I think I’ll get by.

Verse 3.

I can still see the new rose aglow

And the dandelion ball in the grass

Tonight it might leave on the wind

But I’ve got no problem with that

Tomorrow we’ll find a survivor

And blow the clock, one o’clock, two o’clock, three,

I pray that my children remember

The hours we spent smiling carefree.

Verse 4.

I know that I’m preaching and not really

Practicing that which I preach

But I’m weary of certainties knowing

Tomorrow’s not easy to reach

I saw the great fire in the distance

Saw the great lie in the dust

If you still think the good book’s the answer

Go back to bed with that book if you must.


Musicians: Declan Sinnott plays everything

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Track 15 –
Happy as a baby in your arms

Verse 1.

You’re all the nice things in my life rolled into one

All the pastimes I enjoy, you’re all my fun

The miracle that cures my every pain

The doctor that I trust when I’m insane

No matter what I do or say you understand

And when I stray you haul me back onto dry land

I’m so hopelessly a victim of your charms

I’m happy as a baby in your arms.

Verse 2.

You’re every day of sunshine I can recall

Every warm familiar picture on my wall

The secret to the turn in every tune

The word I use instead of moon or June

If I was told to wait a year outside your gate

I’d take my tent and sleeping bag accept my fate

I’m so hopelessly a victim of your charms

I’m happy as a baby in your arms.


I’m happy as a baby, rocking in a tree

Knowing that you’re underneath, what better guarantee.


I’ve found the piece that makes this jigsaw here complete

When you’re beside me I don’t contemplate defeat

‘Cause you’re the bulwark in the face of all my storms

And there’s no one can take your place so don’t be alarmed

If I’m mentally a case for all your charms

‘cause I’m happy as a baby, so rockabye this baby, in your arms.

This song has been recorded by Dolores Keane and the late Ronnie Drew, but I never got round to putting it down myself. It cries out
for strings…..in fact it should be strung up…. but this it in all its nakedness.

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