Hi Folks,

A few thinks to flag in the next couple of weeks:

On Fri 23rd Sept, (Culture Night), I’ll be doing a concert in Cashel Library and unveiling some songs from my forthcoming album, Marathon. The title track, Marathon, is being released on streaming platforms on the same day.

On Sat 8th Oct I’ll be in Newcastle West, Co Limerick for Eigse Michael Hartnett. I’ll be playing in the Longcourt House Hotel at 9.15….could be a late night?

Just as an aside…..I was in Doheny&Nesbitts, well known Dublin watering hole sometime in the late 80’s when the same Michael approached me and gave me 2 pages of a copy book saying, “Here’s a country song for you”, I pocketed the pages and the following morning examined the pages with both eyes. It was, indeed a country song…but unfortunately, the chorus, which referenced Darwin, Aristotle, and numerous other country heavyweights…didn’t fit the bill. However, I tossed the song into my own working copybook and there it remained until now. I managed to find it and since, have written a tune and replaced the chorus, and I’m going to perform it on the night. It’s not going to shake the world….but it should be fun.

The album is done and dusted and will go on release at the end of October. If will be available on line on all platforms and the physical product with be available at whatever gigs I do in the coming months……More anon.

I look forward to seeing you in either Cashel or Newcastle West….’til then take care.