Unitarian Church &Wexford Arts Centre


Mick Hanly&Donal Lunny

The last two gigs of this Homeland stint for myself and the bouzouki kid next Friday 20th in the Unitarian Church on St Stephen’s Green and on Saturday 21st in the Arts Centre in Wexford. Tríona Ní Dhómhnaill will be joining us for the Dublin gig and I’m looking forward to joining her on a few songs again.

As my co-pilot for the last few week-ends…Donal has a couple of wonderful traits which make him an ideal travelling companion for the likes of myself…an innate leaning towards good humour and a nose for the cryptic crossword. We’ve whiled away the miles from Cork to Westport mulling over the possibilities of the answers to 26 across or 18 down. Some days we got the whole thing out…some days we resorted to addressing the mysteries of the Universe…by journey’s end, we’d solved neither but the hours flew.

We roasted politician’s arses too…..and immediately switched off anyone who began a sentence with “Well lookit” or “Let me be clear about this”. In the heel of the hunt we didn’t listen to the radio all that much….

I’ve had a crack at all the new songs from the album and I’m really pleased with how they’ve been received….some of them are stories that require hefty canvases..but I’ve heard the odd pin drop here and there….so thanks a million you guys.

So it’s off to Dublin in the green in the green on Fri and then to the Yellabellies to give them the lastest from Catland. Now you’d need to be fond of the camán to understand the above…but here’s a thing…am I the only one that’s fed up with the ‘awling’ of Irish in sports commentaries?  Where did ‘Bhuail sé an sliotar’ go? Could it be that ‘puc sé an liathróid’ would be grammatically incorrect and the ‘h’ would have to go into puc making it ‘phuc’ ??? I saw a sign somewhere recently which read ‘Cosc ar dhumpáil’ which I suspect is supposed to me ‘No dumping’? ‘Well Holy Mother of God’ as the great Mick Lally would say

See ye at the weekend,





One response to “Unitarian Church &Wexford Arts Centre

  • Mick Connell

    Hey Mick
    Great gig tonight at the Church!
    Was a little sceptical beforehand thinking that the venue might be a bit “sterile”.
    I was so wrong.
    You were in great voice.
    Well complimented by Donal and a cameo from Triona.
    The songs from Homeland sounded even better played live!
    Best €50 meself and the missus spent all year.
    Nicely done

    Loved the guitar playing at the end of Crusader!

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